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Billboard of weekend activities.

17 May 2019

On May 17, at 17:00, in the Art-living room "CherdachOK" a literary evening "NARASPASHKU" will take place.
The program of the evening reads his own poems or works of favorite poets. Conversations about literature and poetry. Discussion of the latest editions. Own opinion about read.
An open microphone and delicious tea are guaranteed!

From May 16 to 18, the final of the regional competition “Children's League of Ugra Swimming” will take place in the Pearl of Ugra Center for Physical Culture and Sports, which will be attended by boys from 2007. and younger girls and 2009 p. and younger.

Entrance to the tribunes of the swimming pool - free!

 In connection with the holding of these competitions, the mode of operation of the large bowl of the swimming pool has been changed. On the competition days, the swimming pool operates according to the following schedule:
 06:00 - 08:00
 18:00 - 19:00
 19:00 - 20:00
 20:00 - 21:00
 21:00 - 22:00

May 18 at 15.00 in the CC "Youth" will be held the reporting concert of children's creative teams MBUK "KDK".
The members of the creative teams of the Pop Dance Studio Theater, the choreography studio AntrE and the Fidgets ensemble rehearsed a lot in this creative season, participated in contests and festivals, received high titles and awards and could not wait to share their achievements with the audience.
Tickets at the box office KC "Youth",
Phone: 517-400 (cost 200 rubles)

May 18 at 5 pm The international action "Night of Museums" is held in the Art Gallery "Metamorphosis". At the event, you will be able to attend a concert, take part in several master classes, game programs, a quest and a chemical show.

Ticket price: Adult - 100 rubles. Children - 50 rubles.
Tel. 8 (3463) 25-00-54, 23-16-43.
Detailed information about the event at ..

On May 18-19, children's performances will be held at the Magic Flute Puppet Theater:

11.00 - “A Tale of a Pouch” Chunya is a little piglet. Small, pink and funny. Almost like everyone else is small, he loves to swim, loves milk and a ruddy fresh loaf, loves to walk in a small courtyard, where everything was familiar to him long ago and well. But once Chunya pined. Then the mother - and Chuni is very clever and kind mother - immediately understood what was the matter. Sooner or later, all children become at home closely. And this is not surprising! ... And Chun went to learn the "big" world ... Duration: 35 minutes. 13.00 - “Behind the forests, just around the corner” A performance based on the Russian folk tale “Gingerbread Man”, with jokes, rushes and sentences. The modern production of the play provides an opportunity to take a fresh look at the fairy tale known to all since childhood, in which young viewers become full participants in the action on the stage, and adults have the opportunity

once again plunge into childhood.

May 19, at 11.00. in KC "Youth" will be held a competition program to confirm the title of "Exemplary" "People".
The program will be attended by creative teams MBUK "KDK"
Choreographic group "Constellation" was created in 2001.
Team Leader: Ekaterina Iosifovna Otrosh. For the achievement of high artistic mastery in 2005, “Constellation” was awarded the title “Exemplary Artistic Team”.
The team works in the genre - choreography, classical dance ,. The brightness of the performances, entertainment, a variety of styles, interesting author numbers - this is the creative credo of "Constellation". Confirmation of this - many victories in various creative competitions from the district to the International level.
The vocal ensemble "Kazachok" was created in 1999.
Team Leader: Tatyana Lazan.
In 2004, for a high performing level, the ensemble was awarded the title “Exemplary Artistic Group”
The main task of the team is the competent and correct ability to show and convey the bright national Cossack character and color, beauty and melody of folk old songs. Today more than 30 children and teenagers are engaged in the ensemble “Cossack”. The team actively participates in city, regional festivals and competitions, and also travels outside the district, where it worthily represents our city, as evidenced by the numerous awards of the team.
Also in the program will participate the teams MBUK "TsNK":
Vocal ensemble "Cherry Style" (directed by Eugene Chekulaev), Ensemble of Russian song "Taratorki", "Belfry" (directed by Anastasia Kopylova), Choreographic Ensemble "Stars of the Caucasus" (directed by S.YU. Kalabakov), DPI Studio "Hearth "(ru.I.Shafikova), Studio DPI" Blue Bird (ru.I. Mazalova).

May 19, at 11.00. there will be a children's interactive program “Minions. Bananopati

The animation program includes:

- Interactive games

- Team competitions

- Game-dances

- Acumen Competitions

- Master class for parents

In the final, traditionally all participants are treated with cotton candy!

Address: 16a mkr., 91 house, 2nd floor, shopping center "Green Coast"
+7 950 505 66 33 +7 902 859 50 63

The cost of 500 rubles. Prod


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