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Nefteyugansk schoolchildren are studying the ecology of the city.

21 May 2019

Nefteyugansk schoolchildren were engaged in the implementation of the project "The method of biological indication in assessing the environmental situation of the city of Nefteyugansk".
This study was performed by students of middle and high schools, students of the home of children's creativity, under the guidance of an additional education teacher Maxim Suldin.

The guys believe that the quality of the environment, the degree of pollution, can be determined by plants growing in our area. For the object of research, a birch tree was chosen, whose leaves serve as a good indicator. It turns out that the level of increase in the asymmetry of birch leaves is an alarming symptom for people. If in some areas the level of asymmetry is close to 0.054 or higher, then an increased level of disease in the population should be expected. Currently, the use of indicators of birch leaf plate is recommended in the regulatory documents of environmental services.

Thanks to the hard work of researchers, the guys concluded: in general, the quality of the environment in Nefteyugansk is quite favorable for human life, the terrain is insignificantly polluted.

Interesting data young scientists lead by neighborhoods of the city. It turns out that the average asymmetry of birch leaves in Nefteyugansk is 0.043. The smallest asymmetry indicator - 0,035, was registered in 1 and 5 microdistricts, the maximum - 0,051, in 10 microdistricts at the highway. A low asymmetry index - 0.037, also noted in the 2nd microdistrict. Relatively low, average asymmetries - from 0.043 to 0.049, were found in 3, 4, 7, 6,7, 8, 9 microdistricts. Comparing the data obtained with the table, this corresponds to the II point of developmental stability, which indicates the initial minor environmental deviations from the norm, i.e. the territory of the city belongs to the insignificantly polluted

The most favorable situation is in 1, 2 and 5 microdistricts, where no adverse factors were detected, i.e. the level of asymmetry was minimal - 0, 035. In district 4, the situation is the same as in the whole city - minor deviations from the norm (0.037). In five microdistricts of the city - 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, the average level of leaf blade change is noted (0.043 - 0.049). The terrain at road 10 of the microdistrict is more polluted; here the indicator of developmental stability was IV (with asymmetry of birch leaves 0.051).

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