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The tourist routes will include objects of cultural heritage of Ugra.

30 April 2019

A meeting of the Council on the conservation, use, promotion and state protection of cultural heritage sites of the Autonomous Okrug, held by the Deputy Governor, Chairman of the Council Yuri Yuzhakov was held in the Ugra government.

Anticipating the conversation, Yuri Yuzhakov referred to the opinion of the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, expressed at the meeting of the Council on Culture and Art: "Preserving historical memory is one of the key priorities." In a message to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation in 2019, the head of state proposed "significantly expanding support for local cultural initiatives - projects related to local lore, folk art, preservation of the historical heritage of the peoples of our country."

This topic was devoted to issues on the agenda of the meeting. Andrei Kondrashev, Head of the State Protection Service of the Ugra Cultural Heritage Objects, presented a report on the results of the implementation of the state cultural heritage protection activities of the Autonomous Okrug in 2018. He noted that last year the staff of the service focused on the establishment and designation of the territories of archeological objects, of which there are 1,800 in the region. Of these, 418 were included in the register of archaeological heritage in 2018. “This is a very big indicator,” said the head of the department. “Usually we add 150 to 200 objects to the register per year.”

Andrei Kondrashev outlined the main activities for the implementation of the state regional program "Cultural Space" in 2019. He focused on the geographic information base being formed of the cultural heritage of Ugra, which currently includes 597 objects.

The head of the Oktyabrsky District, Anna Kutashova, the Deputy Head of the Khanty-Mansiysky District, Tatyana Konkina, and the Chairperson of the Culture Committee of the Administration of the Berezovsky District, Tatyana Haziakhmetova, told about the inclusion of cultural heritage objects of regional significance in the tourist turnover.

In the Oktyabrsky district there are 9 cultural heritage sites of regional importance The district administration is developing a 3-day summer tourist route with accommodation in tents in the village of Sherkaly, where the ancient city of the same name, the Church of the Savior, the Novitsky estate of merchants are located. There is a project to create a historical reconstruction in the format of 3D-modeling. For the full development of the route it is necessary to carry out the restoration of the church and the merchant's house.

In the village of Sogom of the Khanty-Mansiysk district a 3D-museum is already operating in a local school. According to experts, Sogom has a great archaeological potential, the history of the village has a long history.

In Berezovsky district there are 110 objects of cultural heritage, including 7 of federal significance. There is an acute problem of their preservation, since basically they are wooden buildings and structures. On the agenda are the restoration works of the bridge over the Kurtychny gulley and the houses of the main treasurer in Berezovo. As an experience of using the revived object, an example was given of the newly rebuilt house of the merchant Dobrovolsky, which recreated the historic interior, and housed the children's library. The object is actively used not only by young readers, but also by tourists.

Commenting on the voiced information, Yuri Yuzhakov stressed the importance of including cultural heritage sites in tourist routes: “So that they are not only in a particular registry and are known only to specialists, but they must be made available to a wide range of people.”

Acting historical and cultural research and production center "Barsova Gora" Peter Stashkin and deputy head of the Surgut district Tatiana Osmankina addressed the council members with a proposal to support their initiative to create a historical and cultural reserve on the basis of a place of regional importance. Collections from Barsovaya Hora are kept in the Hermitage and in the Stockholm Museum. For further study and preservation of this object, it is necessary to take measures of legal regulation of the activities of those who currently live in Barsovo or claim to participate in the use of the territory. The council members instructed the administration of the Surgut region together with the State Protection Service of the Cultural Heritage Objects of Ugra to hold consultations and develop proposals for the next meeting on securing the object’s status and measures to regulate relations between economic entities operating near the historical monument.

Irina Kibkalo, Acting Director of the Ugra Culture Department, informed about the preparations for the V International Northern Archaeological Congress, which will be held in Khanty-Mansiysk from December 11 to December 14. Representatives of 12 countries, including Japan, applied for participation in it. Colleagues from this country had previously participated in the Ugra congress unofficially and, concluding that the professional forum was held at a high level, found it necessary to submit an official application for participation this time.

Inna Arkanova, Deputy Director of the Department of Public and External Relations of Ugra, presented the experience of the project “Creating an Academic History of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Ugra” (“Centuries-old Ugra”). Information about the project is publicly available on the website of the Department of Public and External Relations and the Department of Project Management of the Autonomous Okrug.

“Archeology plays a special role in the project,” noted Inna Arkanova. - From June to September 2018, work was carried out in the ancient sites of Sherkaly, Sogomsky, Berezovo, Nyksimvol, Kondinskoye. In the course of the archaeological research, over 2.5 thousand finds were found during the season, pointing to the diversified character of the trade and political ties of the Ugra principalities. The project was awarded the prize of the Institute for Internet Development - 2nd place in the nomination "The best special project in social networks."

In addition, in February 2019, the project “Centuries-old Ugra” was selected in the competition of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in the nomination “100 Leaders of the Social Sphere” as a promising interesting project that influences the development of social institutions and the effective use of the potential of cultural and historical heritage.

The council members supported the projects “Organization and holding of the international youth archaeological expedition“ Punxi - 2019 ”and“ Sacred cedar grove: the history of the formation of the religion of the Salym Khanty ”in the Nefteyugansk district, the project“ In search of ancient Ugra. Archaeological research of the ancient city of Sherkaly 1 "in the Oktyabrsky district.


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