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28 May 2018

In the cultural centre "Ob" young people's theatre from the city of Nyagan will present the play "Morphine". Directed by Roman Kaganovich on the story of Mikhail Bulgakov.

Ticket price 500 rubles,  phone: 517 400

27 May 2018

The play of the young spectator theater from Nyagan on the novel by the classic of American literature O. Henry " the Leader of the Redskins"

Tickets at the box office of KC "Ob", help by phone: 517 400

12 May 2018

12 may 2018 MBU Tsfkis "the Pearl of Yugra" at 11:00 will take place the solemn opening of the VII festival of Sport of the city of Nefteyugansk among older people.
Anyone aged 61 years and older can take part in the Festival. .

12 May 2018

Nefteyugansk city championship in table tennis among persons engaged in adaptive physical culture and sports dedicated to the 73rd anniversary of the Victory in the great Patriotic War

09 May 2018

11.00 am - Monument "to the Soldier Liberator" - Solemn ceremony of laying flowers (6+)
12.00 - action "Immortal regiment" (0+)
13.00-Festive parade dedicated to the 73rd anniversary Of the victory in the second world war (6+) 14.00 - Traditional athletics relay. Gathering of participants at the monument"soldier-liberator". 14.30 - "Yubileynaya" square folk festival dedicated to the Victory Day celebration in the second world war (0+)

20 April 2018

April 20, 18.00 KC " Ob"

The orchestra of Russian folk instruments " gem of Siberia "under the direction of Alexander Daineko will present a new concert program" Anniversary with friends " in honor of the 20th anniversary of his creative activity.

Tickets at the box office of KC "Ob", help by phone: 22 62 16

18 April 2018

April 18, 19.00 KC " Ob "- Comedy "what men do" (16+)
The play will be, first of all, interesting to those who at least once in my life wanted to peek behind the scenes and see the theater with my own eyes on the other side. How are performances born? How do actors rehearse? What they secretly dream of and what you want? The viewer will find answers to all these questions in the Comedy "what men do".

Tickets at the box office of KC "Ob", help by phone: 22 62 16

14 April 2018

We invite residents and guests of Nefteyugansk on April 14 at 12.00 in the shopping center " Ob "on the play" haunted house " (0+)
Spectators get on a real tour of the abandoned castle! In the castle they will meet a variety of creatures that can scare, laugh, amuse and even feed the newcomers. Unforgettable emotions are guaranteed!
""Haunted house" -a family play with interactive elements, recommended for children from 3 to 12 years.
Tickets at the box office of KC "Ob", help by phone: 22 62 16

07 April 2018

"Crow's Day" is one of the most revered holidays of Khanty and Mansi peoples.
The arrival of the crow at Ob Ugrians was associated with the arrival of spring and heat.
On April 8, Nefteyugansk will celebrate this traditional holiday at the site of the Ethnographic center of the indigenous minorities of the North.
The beginning of the program 13:00
Telephone for inquiries 8 902 85 97 153

27 March 2018

For the first time in Nefteyugansk!
March 27, 19.00 the Cultural centre"Ob" - a concert by Yury Shevchuk (leader of group "DDT") (16+)
Poetry, dialogue, songs.
Tickets at the box office of KC "Ob", help by phone: 22 62 16


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