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22 March 2018

March 24 at 13.00 in the city of Nefteyugansk!

18 March 2018

Go into the story - become the winner of the quiz show "Yugra – 900!"!
A few days remain until the start of the large-scale quiz " Yugra-900!". In the year of the Grand anniversary, 900th anniversary of Ugra, the winners of the contest for knowledge of the history of the native land will be rewarded with valuable prizes. To take part in it - simple! Among the awards that are waiting for the winners of the quiz - cars and even apartments!

Take part and win!
Ask questions: 8-800-101-00-86, hotline of "Open region" center»
Download questionnaire quizzes:
Learn project news:

24 February 2018

Applications are accepted for participation in the city festival "SONG, SINGED by the WAR" the Qualifying round will be held on 19 February from 13.00 to 18.00, the finals of the city festival will take place on 24 February at 12.00 KTS in "Ob".

25 December 2017

Exhibition "Russian Koch" 

 gallery "Metamorthosis" Nefteyugansk 10 district 14 house 

Tel.  8 (3463) 23-16-43, 25-00-54

23 November 2017

Exhition "Van Gogh" gallery "Metamorthosis" Nefteyugansk 10 district 14 house

Tel. 8 (3463) 23-16-43, 25-00-54

20 November 2017

The exhibition "Second life of iron artifacts" The Museum of the Ob river 

Nefteyugansk, microdistrict 9, building 28

Tel: 8 (3463) 25-16-77

30 November -0001

April 26 at the cultural center "Youth", at 18.00 hours will be a game club fun and resourceful.

The theme of the game - "Merry family", dedicated to the Year of the family in KHMAO-Yugra. .City and district teams of educational organizations, enterprises.


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