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Anniversary concert of the vocal ensemble "Kazachok

07 April 2019

On April 07 at 15.00 in KTS "Yunost" the anniversary concert devoted to the 20th anniversary of "Exemplary art collective" of vocal ensemble "Kazachok"will take place. On the stage of the cultural center will unfold a real action with a special national flavor, You will have an unforgettable meeting with a bright and colorful, deep and heartfelt, kind and sincere art — folk songs and dances. From the stage will sound folk songs of the black sea, don, Terek and Kuban Cossacks, historical, marching, lyrical, drill, dance folk Cossack songs, as well as ancient Cossack rituals.

We invite You to become guests of honor of the anniversary concert of the ensemble "Cossack"!

Tickets at the box office KC "Youth", phone: 517-400

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