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10 March 2019

Festivities at the traditional spring festival "Maslenitsa" will be held on March 10, 2019 on the square "Jubilee" beginning at 10: 00

The concert of collectives of Amateur performances from 13.20 to 16.15 hours.

Sports from 14.00 to 16.00 hours.
Game programs: 14.10-16.10 hour.

Congratulations to the guests of honor and officials: 14.30-14.40 hours., the scene on the Jubilee square.
Work "lotoshnikov" with products of folk arts and crafts: 15.20-16.15 hours.

Awarding of the participants of the parade "Doll Carnival": 16.15 - 16.35 an hour.
Theatrical performance-the ritual of burning effigies of Maslenitsa at 16.35-16.50 hours.

A theatrical closing of the festival "farewell, Carnival!": 16.50-17.00 hours., the scene on the Jubilee square.


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